| January/February 1956


Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Jensen of Minden, Nebraska, stopped to see us in our home one day last October. The Jensens manage the Harold Warp Pioneer Village at Minden.

Their visit took us by surprise and we were just getting ready to go out for a dinner engagement. They were in a big hurry themselves to move toward the big open spaces of the West HOME. We were sorry that both of us had to be in a hurry That seems to be the way of life.

We had met the Jensens at the Wichita Show a couple years ago and now we had the privilege of having them in our home. They are such interesting people that we wish they could have stayed a few days at least. If you are interested in seeing a wonderful Museum Village just write the Jensens and they will send you literature describing this unusual and delightful set up.

Elmer and I wish to convey our feeling toward you ALBUM readers for this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Season.

THANKSGIVING We thank the Good Lord for your delightful friendship. The letters we receive from you and our fellowship with you at the Reunions. There is a friendship in this steam world that is wholesome. We thank you all and the Almighty for you.