| January/February 1969

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

By the time you read this, Xmas will just about be upon us. I can't believe it is so close. I haven't started shopping yet. I bet you are finished.

We are sorry we missed not attending the Berryville, Virginia Banquet this year. Both of us were looking forward to it but my hubby just wasn't up to making such a trip that week-end. Thank goodness he has improved greatly!

Last Saturday evening we again had the pleasure of feasting and fellowshiping with our friends in Lancaster Co., Penna.-the Rough & Tumbel Banquet We had double enjoyment by having the nice company of our Secretary, Mrs. Irene Gertzen and fine hubby, Gus, accompany us there. To know them both is to love them - they don't come any finer. They have three of the finest children too.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Dayton Nichols stopped on way the day before to visit a short time. We're looking forward to seeing them again on their return home. Since we had our first snow of season this week it may have changed their plans a bit.

Mr. and Mrs. A. N. MacKellas and children from Ontario, Canada stopped to see us this week also. It was nice to meet them and have them take time out of their journey to stop at our home.

Marsha is enjoying her work as Librarian in our school system here in Enola High. It's wonderful having her under our roof once more. With Elmer's interest in books they have an enjoyable time discussing various ones. Then I come into the picture with our discussion from the teacher's mutual view and psyschology of handling children.