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Hi Ladies,

I jumped the gun in the last issue thinking I would not have an
opportunity to greet you again before the holidays. Since we
usually try to get each issue out a month early, this will probably
come to you during your Christmas rush.

These fall seasons are busy for everyone. We did miss out in
joining our Steam Engine friends this year at their banquets. Our
hearts were there if we weren’t. I’m sure they were
successful as usual from all reports we received.

Mrs. Janet Hosier and Mrs. Doris Michaels are our efficient
secretaries replacing Irene while she leaves us for a short visit
to the hospital. May the ‘Good Man’ be with her and her
family at this time.

Janet has been working three days a week with Irene, and Doris
comes when we have an extra heavy load. I’m sure these two will
try to do their best to be of service to you in her absence.

We’ve had such lovely weekends this past month. Elmer has
spent the Sundays here at home. Today he wasn’t home but he had
many visitors over there. His grandson, Terry Ritzman, who just
returned from Viet Nam, and wife along with Elmer’s son, Bill
and wife Betty came. Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, who also help
assemble the magazine visited this evening. My sister and her
husband, Mr. and Mrs. James Greider, were there also.

Last Sunday the James Sweger family from Landisburg came here
and made home-made ice cream for us Needless to say, Elmer enjoyed
this as well as their fellowship.

Thanksgiving Day approaching this month does make us a bit more
conscious of our many blessings. We surely have had them. You Hobby
friends are counted among them in a big way. Thanks to each and
everyone for accepting us and our shortcomings.

May your Yuletime be a Happy one with a Prosperous New Year for

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