| July/August 1956



We are getting some response from the ladies for material for the Woman's Page. We just want to encourage more of you to do the same on things you are interested in. This is one matter the editor cannot write.

I asked Elmer to give me permission to say a few words about the passing of Mr. Franz J. Wood on April 14th, 1956 when 92 years and 7 days of age. I am told that he is the last of the Thresher Manufacturers. Somehow that statement does something to us. It makes us feel alone.

Mr. Wood was not only an inventor and manufacturer but most of all he was a good man. The folks loved to meet and converse with him at the Reunions. His mind was clear and his health good so that he could attend and enjoy the Reunions.

We want to say a word for his daughter, Helen. She looked after his comfort tirelessly. It was her first. consideration. Certainly, now she has nothing to regret. But of course that does not fill the gap. God does.