| July/August 1969

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi Ladies!

I guess you are all as busy as I have been. Is your Spring housecleaning finished?

Thank goodness for a very good helper I have, because I sure don't feel like doing it when I come home from school.

We've been testing and recording. This always means a great deal of extra work at the end of the term. It does give the teacher the satisfaction of her accomplishments. Each child's results are compared to the years previous work in each subject.

We had the pleasure of having as our house guest, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Idol, Steam Engine Friends, from Winston Salem, N. C. over the week-end in middle of April.

I thought they would enjoy visiting with some more Steam Fans so the Elmer Schaefers of Yoe and Amos Brandts from Bainbridge came in Saturday night for supper. The steam sure did go up on the old gauges around here.