Hi Ladies!

| July/August 1970

  • Ealene

  • Ealene

Spring has finally arrived. Thank goodness!

We have hopes with this nice weather it will pay dividends on my Hubby's health.

I have been spending all my spare moments at 'His Other Home' as he calls it. We're so glad it is only a ten minute drive from here.

We are surely sorry we missed the Rogers show in South Carolina last month. Everyone said it was delightful and beautiful.

We were grateful to Gail Clem and Miriam Hope for taking care of our business for us since Mrs. Elmer Schaefer couldn't make it either.

Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Nichols stopped to say Hello on their way back from Texas. It was nice to see them. Also Mr. and Mrs. Francis Orr stopped to say Hello and to tour the Korn Krib. The Orr's are from Minneapolis.