| March/April 1957



Thank you again, dear folks, for your kindness at Christmas by remembering us. Elmer had to tell me about some of you folks who sent greetings as I have not met you yet and it sounded interesting.

Elmer was all tickled the other day when a Washington (State) man pasted a Case engine picture on an envelope and put 'Port Royal, Pa.' as the address. The ALBUM got it. It had money in it for the ALBUM. The way Elmer showed that around I feel sure you will see it in the ALBUM in a future issue.

At present I am planning to attend some of the Reunions. School will interfere with the September dates. If it were not the first week of school we could easily take care of it. We are planning a trip after the Montpelier Reunion going through Wisconsin to Gilmar Johnson's and then to Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and then home. I think that will be a good start.