| March/April 1960

  • Earlene

  • Earlene


Elmer and I were both sick, the week before Christmas, with the kind of a cold you can only get in Enola. Even the Doctor says he can't cure it. His pills did help.

Elmer and I both want to express our appreciation to the many who sent us Christmas greetings. Many of them we did not get answered. Sorry, but happy to get them. We had a 'Good Christmas'. Old Santa was on the job and he knew his business.

We are back in school and the children seem relaxed and ready for their books. Just before Christmas we could not even keep order. They are such sweet little folks.

The Volkswagen is standing outside near the house taking a good long rest. If we have our health we shall give it a good run this Summer.

We wish some of you Ladies would send us some material for the Ladies Page. We are sure our ladies would like to hear about what interests you. Please!