| March/April 1962

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi Ladies!

By now is your household settled back to normal from the Christmas excitement? Ours is, and we thank you for all the lovely Holiday Greetings.

I thought of a number of you when I was retarded a little because of some is trouble. My activities were limited for a short period so I took to using my hands. I made Holly Balls and liquid painted several pieces for gifts. I enjoyed this part very much but as a rule I don't usually have the time. It ran through my mind how busy you women must be who bring such beautiful pieces of work to display and sell at the Reunions. This week we've been on the move going to church. My Hubby is the speaker tonight and this is the last service of the week of prayer. All the churches in the Community combine. Which makes a very nice feeling of fellowship among all.

Elmer and I are both very much interested in having you ladies write and tell us about your interests and activities. Won't you please? We need it very badly for our Ladies Page.