Farm Collector


By Staff


Hope you had a Happy Xmas it was very nice to hear from as many
of you this Holiday season. Thanks!

We had a very trying preparation period between school,
Christmas activities and moving-Well, I wouldn’t want to repeat
these days again! Our day itself and the week that followed was
most relaxing and enjoyable. We didn’t have as much company and
we couldn’t go visiting as often and we couldn’t go
visiting as often as we planned because of the weather. This was a
little disappointing, but it was nice to just be at home and be
settled in our lovely new abode.

I do not wish you to think I’m bragging either. I’ve
‘come up’ the hard way and so when I speak proudly,
it’s because I appreciate what I have now so very much. I can
surely count my many blessings this Christmas.

Our view from the front of the house is the mountains at a
distance and in the rear is a lovely field. I enjoy this
spaciousness to much because I’ve always loved in a small town.
We’re only a mile from Enola proper and we’d love to have
anyone of you look us up. We really aren’t hard to find.

Elmer is still in the process of getting established with his
machinery in the basement but it’s coming! That is the chief
reason we changed residence our basement is under the entire house
here so he has more room to work on the magazine.

This week finds Marsha and I both back in the school harness
again. Elmer says he can really start and get things done now
we’re not around to bother him. In most of your households this
situation is turned about, I believe the women can make such a

Marsha, Elmer and I wish for you and yours, the most Prosperous
and and yours, the most Prosperous and Happy New Year.

  • Published on Mar 1, 1963
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