| March/April 1964

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

As I write this within the portals of our good warm home let's dream of hot sunny days and smoke from steam engines.

It won't be too long before we'll see each other again and have such an experience.

Elmer has been keeping busy by helping installing in the entrance to our basement an automatic conveyor. This to help get our Magazine to you with less back and muscle strain on the man power angle. It's just about finished and we hope to use it for this issue.

We had the pleasure of having the Hartman family from Washington, D. C. visit with us several weeks ago. They had stopped in Littlestown, Pa. with the Jesse Byers family first so we were showered with their kindness by them giving us some of Mr. Byer's good canned Hominy and tomatoes straight from their cannery.

We do enjoy the fellowship of all our steam engine acquaintances when we get the opportunity. So stop to see us.

We had the first wedding in January involving the 3rd generation. Ramona Gilson, Seville, Ohio. Remember David Gilson? It is his sister. Sorry we weren't able to attend since it was the time of the year that the weather is unpredictable for such a long trip.