| March/April 1968

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi Ladies,

By this time the tree has been burned, gifts put away and mistletoe removed.

We had a delightful Holiday Season and hope you did. We journeyed to Ohio to be with our daughter's family, the David Gilsons. They have a small one in kindergarten, Ronnie, plus the great granddaughter, Melodi, who lives only a few miles away. Little ones surely make a real Christmas and we had it.

Of course, the week before we left, we visited with our son's family, William, in Millerstown. We had an enjoyable evening with Elmer's sister, Jessie, too. This was all included in the one day's pleasure. The same night, Marsha came home from college to be with us all. A big time was had by everyone. At least this time of the year gets families together, if at no other time.

Elmer has another great granddaughter, Kim. Although she only lives in Millerstown, we don't get to see enough of her and the other folks up that direction.

We did not send a Christmas card, but we do appreciate each and every one we received from so many of you folks. Thanks! Hope you will understand. We get so many and I could not do it alone, so rather than hurt anyone, we sent no one.