| May/June 1959

  • Earlene

  • Earlene


The Threshing pictures of this operation in China sent to us by Mr. C. M. Reed interested us immensely. Anna Mae took these pictures to the school room where her daughter is enrolled and showed them to the class, reading Mr. Reed's description. The report is that these young folks, 6th grade, showed much interest. The pictures and article is in this issue and you might do the same, with the teachers permission, of course.

We have just had our hardest winter in years. Things are beginning to turn now. Cardinals and robins are appearing and entertaining us. Even Elmer's steps are a little quicker.

It seems wonderful that Easter comes in the spring. Everything seems to become alive. We are writing this before Easter and you will not read it until after Easter, so Elmer and I hope you had an inspiring Holy Day.