| May/June 1968

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi Ladies!

They say Spring is just around the corner but it surely doesn't look like it here today. We had a nice little snow fall. The moisture it brings is quite needed so we won't complain.

Soon after the last magazine was mailed to you Marsha, Elmer and I journeyed to Winston-Salem, N. Carolina. We visited with our Steam Engine friends, The Charles Idols family.

We had a lovely time as usual. Not only did we get to see them but they are so thoughtful that they invited other folks in to visit, whom we have learned to know through our hobby. Mr. & Mrs. Roy McCollum & daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Nonise McCuiston, Mr. E. E. Bodenheimer, Mr. Bob Powell, Mr. Howard Davis, Mr. M. L. Scholl all from the State of North Carolina came in Sunday to see us.

Saturday evening while there we visited again in the lovely home of Mr. & Mrs. R. S. Morris, Sr. They are such fine folks to know.

My boyfriend, Elmer, seems has to cut capers in January. He did it again the last day of the month. Thank He. ens it wasn't nearly so bad a time as last year. His recovery from a light heart attack has been rapid and wonderful. Can't keep a good man down they say, so it goes with him thank goodness.