| November/December 1956



Elmer brings home such glowing reports of the Reunions, meeting interesting people and old friends and such nice programs, that we are sorry we could not attend the Reunions this year. Elmer also told me of so many of you who sent greetings and good wishes to me. Thank you so much. Next year we hope to be with you.

It does seem early but Elmer, Karl and I (and the printer, she missed us) wish to extend to you sincere Christmas and New Years Greetings and good wishes. This is a happy time of the year. May God bless you all.

Don't forget our Ladies Page. We need material for it. Elmer gave us the page and we do not want him to fill it up with his material, even though that is good. Your experience, pictures of your Hobby or something interesting for all of us. If you hesitate to tell about yourself then send something about your neighbor. Nearly all of us have interesting neighbors. Tell us about them.