| November/December 1957



Elmer brought home from the Pontiac-Mt. Pleasant Reunions trip a quart of Maple Syrup presented by

Mr. Ray McCracken of Keosauqua, Iowa. A quart each of Honey and Soghum as a gift from Prof. Eiffel Plasterer, R. D. 5, Huntington, Indiana. These gifts were very much appreciated by the entire household. Thank you folks, very much.

I have a room of 36 third grade pupils in school this year. They are wonderful. It may interest you to know that because of the crowded condition we have only half-day sessions this year or until the new building is completed. I teach from 7:50 A. M. to 12:20 P. M.

Elmer reports that there is much interest among the women folks at the Reunions. He has some pictures and we feel sure there will be some interesting material for the Ladies Page.