| November/December 1958

  • Earlene

  • Earlene


By now my Reunion enjoyment is over for the year and I am in full swing of teaching. But gee, didn't we have a wonderful time? It sure helped me to start my year's work full of vim and vigor. Since I had only visited Pontiac once before and never in Mt. Pleasant I surely met a lot of nice new faces along with renewing old acquaintances.

Mrs. Verna Thomas, Dwight Illinois, the Violet Lady, as my hubby always calls her, gave me a receipt. She suggested I could pass it on to our readers who are interested in raising Violets. It is a Violet fertilizer 1 T ammonia; 1 T saltpetre; 1 T epsom salts; 1 T baking powder. Put in a gallon jug and fill with soft water. Use one cup in each quart jar of warm water once a month. Hope it may do others some good. I am going to give it a try.

So sorry I missed meeting the owner of the engine, Reeves double simple, which I had the privilege of running through her husband's courtesy, Mrs. Doris Lindenmyer. May the little one she was expecting at that time have arrived and both mother and baby doing well!

Then too, I have Mr. Joe Wisehaupt to thank for sharing his engine with Elmer and me in the Parade. We later learned that he was taken to the hospital with a heart attack. May God's blessing be his. Another man, whose name slips me just now, gave us full possession of his Frick double and Elmer and I took a joy ride. Mr. Wilbur Collins permitted us to take the Kitten across the grounds. Elmer enjoyed that one.

These moments are always highlights to me since we don't have our engine close enough home to enjoy it often.