| November/December 1959

  • Earlene

  • Earlene


Hasn't it been hot? I think it seemed doubly so, since I had to go back to work this week to my 31 cherubs fully clad, after enjoying a carefree summer's activities and dress.

Shucks! How I envy you all who are able to be free to go to these reunions

I'll tell you, it is real love and only love that I allow my husband to be away a whole month without me. o I do miss him terribly, but you all have such a wonderful time at your affairs, that I can't blame him for doing it when possible.

The Kinzer Reunion is surely getting bigger and better each year.

I thought this would be my last fling this season, but Anna Mae and I are planning to take our children up to Williams Grove to see what they have there. Since they are a new group starting, we surely wish for them the best.