| November/December 1960

  • Earlene

  • Earlene


Well, I guess our 'Old Lazy Days' are about over for another year which means most Reunions are too. Shucks! but didn't we have a good time! At least I did at the ones at which I was privileged to attend.

I'm back with my 33 cherubs again and are they ever cute! One little blond curley-headed fellow I've had to move closer to my desk already. Not because of his looks and my admiration. The 'Old Nick' just sticks out of his big blue eyes and in future days he will probably break some poor girl's heart. Then there's the freckle face redhead, third row, who loves to tease the pretty little dark haired girls by opening bows and pulling their pigtails. Oh, it's all in the business of the day, which makes me glad I've been privileged to spend my time with children nine months of the year.

Speaking of Reunions isn't it a shame Kinzers had such bad rainy weather. Yet those people who joined us had a good time, I'm sure, even if some did take off their shoes and stockings and roll up their pants to walk around.

The Early American Reunion at Red Lion, Pa., also had bad luck with the weather. This all goes with life and makes us appreciate the times we do have sunshine come our way.

Had the honor and privilege of going to the Williams Grove, Pa., Steam Engine Reunion with another married man this year since mine was away out West! (Don't tell him, please, but Dave Egan's wife loaned him to me on Saturday night. We had their daughter, Noel, and our gal, Marsha, along --so we were really good.) It was an excellent show. Over 20 large engines. Something doing every minute marvelous antique articles on display. They certainly should be congratulated.