| November/December 1964

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi Ladies!

Hasn't this been a nice summer? It has been for us, and surely hope it has for each of you.

I know you are very busy just now with all of your canning, freezing or preserving. Aren't you?

We didn't have a garden so I'm not kept 'on the move' with those chores, but I'm not idle. Elmer and Davie are getting ready to go to I11. and Iowa, plus Marsha getting ready for college.

I attended a one day workshop this week for teachers so I too am planning to start my regular routine on the eighth of September.

We had a delightful three day journey to Williamsburg, Va. It was most interesting to see where and how our forefathers lived. We enjoyed being served a meal by young students from William and Mary College who were dressed in knee breeches, long white stockings, cotton coats, each a different color, and white shirts that had ruffles at the neck and wrist. They tied huge white napkins about the patrons necks if so desired. The silverware was pewter. The hostesses to dinning room was also garbbed in colonial costumes.