| November/December 1967

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi ladies

I just read what my husband has written about our summer and visits to the reunions. I can and will say ditto to his remarks and try to add a female angle.

As I have said previously, we women enjoy the fellowship more than the en-engines, if we wish to tell the truth. Of course, we have to admit, it took our men and the engines to get us acquainted. Ill let him tell that side of our experiences and I'll lean more toward the social half.

The Charles Idol's from North Carolina arrived the day before we all journeyed to the Canandaigua show. It all began with the Elmer Schaeffer's joining us on the morning of our departure. We six had breakfast at the restaurant here in Enola. We took two cars since the Idols had their sewing machine and steam engine along to use up at the reunion. It was delightful having the Idols visit us before and after the show.

We saw many friends and it was like old home week at the motel to hear each other.

One we were most thrilled to see and visit with again, after her long seize of illness, was Mrs. Amos Brandt from Bainbridge, Pennsylvania. God bless her and may she continue to improve. To know her is to love her.