| November/December 1969

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi Ladies!

Summer is gone and with Fall upon us makes us realize another Steam Engine Reunion season is just about ended.

We would have like to have attended more but my boy-friend, Elmer, hasn't been quite up to it.

He isn't in bed but just doesn't have the old 'steam up' enough to do all he has cared to do.

He celebrated his 81st birthday on the 5th of September so we should feel fortunate he is as active as he is now.

Elmer expressed a desire for this occasion to take our fine staff out for dinner Friday night. They are, of course, Irene Gertzen and her hubby, Gus, Roy Glessner and Naomi, his wife, and last but now least Anna Mae and her other half, Ed Branyan. We closed the evening by socializing together in the Glessner home which is just filled with a warm and lovely atmosphere.