| November/December 1972

All material for the next issue of the magazine (Jan.-Feb.) should be in our office no later than Nov. 1, 1972.

Hi Folks! I've had a nice summer and hope you have had too. You have helped to make it so for me, by being the wonderful folks you are. My visits to the shows and meeting new friends and greeting old ones was just delightful.

The second trip to Ohio with Mr. and Mrs. Dave Egan to the Miami and Old Washington Shows was most enjoyable. It was the first time I had the opportunity for these Reunions.

It was my pleasure to meet Prof. Lorin Bixler while there. He is the informative and 'down to earth' kind of gentleman as my hubby had learned to appreciate years ago.

The Rough & Tumble Reunion at Kinzer certainly had the biggest and best show they have ever enjoyed.

The trip started pleasantly by my daughter, Marsha and her hubby, Bud, offering to go along down. This was most kind and thoughtful. He unloaded my truck for me. This is one of the many places I miss my Hubby, Elmer.