| September/October 1958

  • Earlene

  • Earlene


We just came back from our first Reunion of the season Montpelier, Ohio. It surely was a pleasure to see so many of you again and meet you folks.

Of course, one of the highlights for the Ladies is always the Cooking School and the Get Acquainted Teas.

Between these two affairs on Thursday afternoon, our President of TNT gave a brief review of the growth and activities. She said after 8 years our group has grown from a very small number to today's attendance of approximately 90 women. They have been selling Cook Books to make a little money, which by the way, are very nice. Our women are responsible for decorating the floats which are used in the parades. We do have a lot of fun doing them and riding on them too.

The organization sells name badges for a quarter. They can be used from year to year. A snack bar is sponsored by us and we have hopes of it being improved upon gradually. The ladies from the Hobby Lobby building discussed and displayed some of their work. Among these were Mrs. Collins specialty of pillows, aprons and many other items made from Turkish towels Mrs. Jones with ceramics. She has a shop of her own and also gives lessons. This all started as a Hobby at first. Her bowls, dishes, animals and salt and pepper shakers were all lovely.

Mrs. Bucher specialized first in doilies cloths in her spare time, today she not only has these but many other beautiful pieces of handiwork to display and sell at our show.