| September/October 1959

  • Earlene

  • Earlene


Isn't the summer going quickly? Too quickly for me.

Had another enjoyable trip to the Montpelier Reunion. I believe it was the biggest yet. It was surely nice to see so many of our old friends and make new ones.

The TNT had two very enjoyable afternoons for us which were quite different. One Thursday a group or nice looking young women put on a musical skit which was right down my alley, named 'School Days'. It was very cute and entertaining. They were later in the parades on a float, too.

Then on Friday a Fashion Show was put on for us of McCalls patterns that could be made from feed bags. These are always catching to a woman's eye, young or old.

These Reunions not only mean new friends for Elmer and me but to Marsha also.