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Isn’t the summer going quickly? Too quickly for me.

Had another enjoyable trip to the Montpelier Reunion. I believe
it was the biggest yet. It was surely nice to see so many of our
old friends and make new ones.

The TNT had two very enjoyable afternoons for us which were
quite different. One Thursday a group or nice looking young women
put on a musical skit which was right down my alley, named
‘School Days’. It was very cute and entertaining. They were
later in the parades on a float, too.

Then on Friday a Fashion Show was put on for us of McCalls
patterns that could be made from feed bags. These are always
catching to a woman’s eye, young or old.

These Reunions not only mean new friends for Elmer and me but to
Marsha also.

She can hardly wait until Kinzer time. It was at Montpelier she
met a girl her own age several years ago from North Carolina-Verda
Jane Idol. Ever since letters have been exchanged and when possible
get togathers. Now this year we are hoping to have her as our house
guest, which pleases both girls very much. So you see the delight
of acquaintances to lasting friendship can develop through these
Reunions for youth as well as older folks which all leads to making
the road of life a little more happy and brighter.

We no more than got home and washed our clothes and we were
Right now we are in a Connecticut on the road again.

State Park on Long Island Sound, camping over the July 4th
week-end. Here we are not only off the busy highways but we can
enjoy some seashore life too which Marsha and 1 particularly

We are hoping to continue our travels into other New England
States in the next two weeks. We must be back home the last week of
July so our girl can go to Church Camp which she thoroughly

  • Published on Sep 1, 1959
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