| September/October 1960

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

****** Hi Ladies! We're back home again safe and sound after another pleasant experience of a Montpelier Reunion.

** ** ** Our trip was made doubly enjoyable this time because we were able to share it with our secretary, Anna Mae and her daughter, Dana. You know when four females get together and they don't have a good time, there is something very wrong!

** ** ** We said Elmer had more help along this time for his work than ever before, but got less. We, all four, left him all at one time so often that Anna Mae said she was afraid she would get a pink slip and I'd lose my happy home! But, good old fellow that he is, Elmer has lived long enough to know that when women get together- what one doesn't see and think to do the other will, and we are unpredictable, so he tolerated us once more.

** ** ** We did enjoy our engine rides with Mr. Sherman and Mr. Hoffer. I bet the latter was happy when his wife came to his rescue and invited us to ride on the women's TNT Float. We sure had a good laugh about it, although our feelings were deeply hurt since he never missed us - at least he didn't come to see where we were.

** ** ** We were sorry we had to let the ladies down on Saturday Afternoon's Parade, but duty finally caught up with us in regard to Elmer and work. We hope you'll understand, ladies, I have to live with the man the other 51 weeks of the year and didn't like to make him too unhappy. Hope to do better next year!

** ** ** The Women's Meeting featuring 'Christmas in June' was most interesting. There were many items which could be made in the home for all ages, such as toys, decorations and pillows.