| September/October 1961




Sorry more of you could not have been with us on our excursion from Montpelier to Detroit, Mich., and Canada - needless to say, a delightful time was had by all!

Even though our train was about an hour late coming to pick us up, we didn't grow too impatient. I think it gave us a better opportunity to get acquainted with the other 42 of us that we would not have done so readily if we'd gone and sat on a seat in the coach immediately.

We had our Grandson, David L. Gilson, Lodi, Ohio, with us. He and Marsha had never experienced eating in a dining car so Mrs. Leo Clark and I took them in and they enjoyed a sandwich and a coke at a table.

On arriving at Detroit our guide, a very considerate, efficient, enthusiastic and king, Mr. Welker, met us. We were taken to the Prince Edward Hotel, Ontario, through the tunnel which went under the Detroit River. Here each family was assigned a lovely room for the night.

After breakfast in the Hotel we were taken by bus back to Detroit. Because of a misunderstanding as to who had the room keys, the Ritzman gang were the last to arrive for the bus (after being given strict orders the night before that we must leave promptly at 9:30 a.m.!)- You should have heard the bus-load of people when we finally made it!!!