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Hi Ladies!

We just came back from a wonderful week at the Shore.

Our grandson, David Gilson, came back with us from Reunion in
Ohio, so he was along too. I think his biggest thrill was catching
a nice size flounder, which we enjoyed today for dinner.

It is not too often we have the opportunity of such a privilege
of spending so much time with the Album family together. This made
it doubly delightful.

The Glessner and the Branyan families cannot be topped. I am
saying this sincerely for Elmer and me from the bottom of our

We were sorry to hear of Mrs. Peter Bucher’s sudden illness
at Montpelier. We didn’t get to give her good bye’s or good
wishes, but hope by this time she has fully recovered.

Other than this misfortune our trip to Ohio this year was again
very enjoyable. It is certainly nice seeing old friends and making
new ones.

Our daughter, Marsha, received a lovely surprise gift from the
far East for which she is delighted. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Reed of
Akron, Ohio, presented a ring to her at the Reunion. It was so nice
of them to think of her.

Our Hobby gave us another means of leading to an enjoyable
experience this week. We received a beautiful scene on a Post Card
from Mrs. Gilmer (Alice) Johnson, of Frederic, Wis., who is
visiting in Norway. Just think she is so far away and yet she
remembered us! But she would, after our visit together in Wisconsin
several years ago. We’ll never forget her wonderful hospitality
fun. Thanks for the card, Alice and for remembering us again.

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