| September/October 1966

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

I am sorry I wasn't able to go along to Wauseon, Ohio, with Elmer. As usual he came back with an excellent report of their activities and enjoyment. I am happy for this.

I would like also to add my appreciation to my Hubby's to the many visitors we have had to our Korn Krib.

Perhaps I will be seeing a few of you at some of the Reunions nearby. I hope so.

We had a nice surprise yesterday when Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Brown of Harrisburg and Mr. and Mrs. George Weimer f r o m Plainfield, N. J. dropped by a short while. Ruth Gorman of Harrishurg accompanied the Browns and Weimers. These folks added to our fourth of July pleasure.

We were pleased to have the George Greens of Lambertville. N.J. stop one morning which started the day right.

Our girl Marsha, was home from School for four days, which is always a joy to us.