| September/October 1969

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi Ladies!

Here we are already with a big reunion experience all over at Wauseon, Ohio, and it was just that, a big one, in more ways than one.

The 25 years sure brought progress and success. Of course under the capable leadership of Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Blaker was almost certain to be such. Congratulations to both of them for a fine and hard job well done.

Mrs. Catherine Enders, widow of Gilbert, from West Lodi, came on Saturday, it was such a nice surprise to see her. She is one sweet, gracious lady. We had many happy moments in their home. May the loneliness she is experiencing now slip quickly away and may she find peace and happiness in the near future.

Mrs. Fern Bloom, another fine widow, of a steam engine enthusiast, was present. She looked wonderful and it was so good to see her once more.

In fact it was a joy to see all of our old friends again from the Western section of our country. We seldom see them except by going to Ohio. Each year we always meet new ones which is always most interesting.