| September/October 1972

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Dear Folks: Our section of the country has had many very unpleasant experiences due to the recent flood. If your mail to us doesn't get a reply, perhaps you'd better try again to write.

I understand there are still thousands of pieces of mail lying in the terminal at Harrisburg. They are trying to dry them on shelves like a baker uses for loaves of bread in a bakery. Some may never get to their destination, as you can see, due to these conditions.

I've escaped all of this anxiety and inconvenience by being at Wauseon, Ohio. It was cold and rainy there at the beginning of the show. Thank goodness it cleared enough so that it didn't spoil the entire Reunion.

This is certainly a very good name for these affairs. They bring us together from far and wide after being separated over the winter months.

It was wonderful to see my old friends again and make new ones. Because of the weather Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Scheafer and I had time to visit the Martin Peterson's new camper. It was lovely, warm and cozy. We were served cookies and coffee. Perhaps this was another means of the Good Man slowing down we humans so we can appreciate each other's fellowship a bit more. Who knows? We all enjoyed it. I'm sure.

I fully intended to try to get to a Canadian Show this year, but due to circumstances beyond our control, it will just make it impossible. Hope you Canadians will understand and forgive. Perhaps until another year or so it will work out for me.