| July/August 1967

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi Ladies

Are you getting your spring chores done? I started this week to replace furniture and dirt.

Since I'm home all the time I haven't any excuse not to be finished early.

My hubby has been helping a great deal to keep me out of trouble. I am his chauffer and almost constant companion. I also had the privilege of helping a full day when we put the last Gas Engine Magazine together.

My life has taken a complete change and it's been a pleasure and joy to share with Elmer.

We had such a nice experience last month at the Elmer Schaeffer's fortieth wedding anniversary party. This was one time when I think most of us realized what fine, wonderful friendships we have developed through this hobby. The largest percentage of their guests we have met in the past through mutual interest in steam engines.