| March/April 1969

We do appreciate all your thought-fullness expressed at Christmas time by your cards and notes. Sorry we can't possibly reply personally to each one of you. Three years ago, the first holiday when Elmer was ill, we stopped sending cards. It was too much for me to handle alone and the picture hasn't changed much in that he still doesn't handle any correspondence. Hope you will understand. We say Thanks again.

We are now in the midst of a mid-Winter project going here, as Marsha names it. Elmer called our home a barn this evening. We hadn't done anything to our living room walls since we moved in eight years ago. Yes, you can guess the rest-. We're practically moved out for the painter to take over this week. My poor hubby is so abused, but I'm sorry to say I believe it still will get worse around here before improvement is noticed. I think we'll plan to visit each evening away from home until the job is completed so he doesn't divorce me.

Our grandson, David Gilson, who use to live with us several years past, just left after bringing his new bride from Ohio to spend two nights and days with us. He had returned last week from a years tour in Okinawa as a Marine. It was so nice having them. They are two fine young folks.

His family in Ohio made our Christmas complete. We missed the wedding by a week. We had been out to his parents home in Ohio for holidays but he was unable to get home until a week later.

The old Flu Bug has kept us from visiting too much in our own community. We have been very fortunate. None of us have had it, but a number of close friends have. We've almost been afraid to go in a crowd.