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By Staff

It’s nice to greet you on this lovely summer day. These
hours have been busy ones, now haven’t they? Since we do not
have a garden, I don’t have the kind of activity to keep me
moving as most of you such as canning and freezing of foods.

Some of our steam engine friends were able to be with hubby and
me on our 13th wedding anniversary. Mrs. Margaret and Miss Nancy
Krantz with Jim journeyed form Frederick, Maryland, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Hope from Arlington, Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hartman
and son Roy from Washington D. C. , Mr. and Mrs. William Clem and
daughter Gail from Virginia, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schaeffer, Yoe,
Pennsylvania: Our sereened in back porch served us well by not
allowing any bugs to get on our informal meal. Needless to say the
men enjoyed gassing and steaming up over things they say in
Elmer’s Korn Krib, or read about of their mutual interest.
Kitty and her family joined us later in the day to get acquainted
with some they hadn’t met.

From our church conference early in June, we arrived home
Saturday evening and left Sunday morning for Ohio. My packing and
unpacking of suitcases, getting clothes ready, house in order for
visitors, and chauffeuring my husband does not allow time to lag on
my hands. It has all been fun, though.

Wauseon Show was as enjoyable as ever. Thanks to Mrs. Elmer
Schaeffer and Mrs. Arthur Crafts our work at the stand was made
very light and delightful. You know when you get three women
together something has to go. Their good nature, cooperativeness
and humor made our work go oh so much easier and faster.

Our daughter’s family, The David Gilson’s, as usual had
their latch string open to us a few days before and after the
reunion. Davie, the grandson who was with us for a while, is now in
the service stationed in California. On Father’s Day he called
home so we even had an opportunity of sharing this.

We hope to see more of you at the other shows coming these next
few months.

The George Kasdorf family from Goshen, Indiana stopped to meet
us today when they were on their way to New Jersey.

It’s a joy to have old friends but also to make new

  • Published on Sep 1, 1967
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