| September/October 1971

  • Earlene

  • Earlene

Hi Folks: If you noticed, I have changed my greeting since Elmer is no longer here to help us with the magazine. I am attempting a big project. I would like to include everyone.

I have been encouraged by so many of you to continue and this was Elmer's wish too.

Nancy Asper, our secretary did not seem to enjoy her work with us, so again we have a change of personnel in our office.

A wonderful business teacher, Mrs. Bertha Graham, came to our rescue until our new staff member arrives on August 1. Her name is Mrs. Gertrude Graffius.

Our other two regular part-time secretaries just happened to be on vacation also, which made things a little hectic around here for a few weeks.

I know there will be mistakes, but please excuse our shortcomings. Let us know and if it is possible, we will try to right any wrongs.