EARLENE The School Marm Says

By Staff
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Hi! Ladies

As the Holiday Season approaches the children are becoming
restless. They seem to sense the happy time. As we write this next
week is Thanks giving. To me this is the most important Holiday of
the year. At Christmas New Years, Easter, Fourth of July and all
the rest of them we celebrate an event but at Thanksgiving we do
something give thanks to the Almighty and our friends for their
kindness. May it ever be so.

We had a nice time the other evening. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Glessner
(our cartoonist) Elmer and I were out to dinner the then attended
an Antique Show in Harrisburg, Pa. Certainly we came back with some
loot. The Glessners presented us with an amber berry dish that
matched the partial set we have. Nice!

Elmer and I with the Album Staff wish you the best during this
wonderful Holiday Season.

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