Early Steam information in the Library at Ford Museum

| September/October 1976

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 17022

Jerome Irving Smith, chief librarian of the Robert Hudson Tannahill Research Library of the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, has written an informative pamphlet about the library.

The booklet lists the library's eight major divisions, explains the reasons for them, points out items of note in them, and names collectors whose material the library has acquired.

The divisions are: reference library; manuscript collection; American business archives; records and inventories; rare books; prints, maps, music sheets, broadsides and frakturs; photographic collection; colonial and continental paper currency and stamp collection; and newspaper collection.

In the reference library are more than 100,000 pieces of material for research. Reference tools furnish background history of the United States in various fields including agriculture, transportation, commerce and inventions.

The library business archives section has a collection of original records and correspondence, gathered by Henry Ford, of firms which manufactured mechanical equipment. In addition to Ford's collection, the library has acquired other records, including those of an early automaker, the Winton Carriage Company.