Early Threshing Days

| September/October 1955

Tacoma, Ohio

Yearly the old steam thresher was a most welcome guest. Threshermen all deemed their rig most truly the very best. The engine a mighty power, never once has it gone wrong. The thresher daily gaining trade, it will command ere long. The steamer saves fuel, a point alone is the farmers gain. The machine has a reputation greatly for saving grain. And a system of separation involved cleans grain far better. The complete rig built and designed just to the letter. Progressive owners keep their machinery running fine. For they repaired during the long idle winter time. Some there were whose neglect caused them to in the field. Time lost could shorten greatly a farmers yield. Many have run a season through with never a break. And never quit a job till done for night or season late. Year in year out many days of experience each season of practical knowledge of successful threshing is a reason. For skilled operation in gaining many extra job. And by square and fair dealing none did they rob. Obsolete machinery and years of use which did deface. Have served their allotted time which they never can retrace.