Farm Collector

EASTERN SOUTH DAKOTA Holds First Annual Reunion

Ramona, South Dakota

For the last three or four years a handful of men were
collecting old machinery. Two years ago a few of them threshed on a
Sunday afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00 P,M, Some people came to
watch. 1962 was extremely wet for a semi-arid region and we had 46
inches of rain. In the spring of 1963 the minds of 7 men were
threshing again and it was decided to hold a reunion on August 31st
and September 1st and 2nd.

The first day was beautiful and a small crowd turned out. The
next two days were damp and showered a little, enough so that on
the last day only the inside bundles of the shocks were used.

There were three separators. Two wood Aultman-Taylors, a 27′
and a 32′; also a new Racine wood machine, 18’handfed with
apron stacker and powered by a 8 hp Titan engine mounted on the
same truck, a 40 Case Steamer, 20-40, 2 cylinder, Case Gas 35-70
Minn., 12-24 Case, 17-32 Minneapolis, a rebuilt Reg. Farmall and a
40-65 Twin City.

In the yard of small engines and old cars, were engines of all
sizes and makes from 1 hp up to a 1908, 10 hp, Famous Hit &
Miss. All wood walking cultivator to breaking plows, walking2 wheel
sulky. A 50 year old Creton pop corn machine that was working and
making pop corn at 5 a bag. The cars ranged from a Model T Touring
to a 1928 Rolls Royce. One of the members hauled grain with his
Model T truck.

Two church groups served lunch. The head count as close as
possible was about 4500. The reunion was held 13 miles north of
Madison, South Dakota on U.S. highway 81 and one mile west on Joe
Haberger’s farm.

Another reunion is planned for next year on the 3rd week-end in
August. On November 29th a meeting was held with U men present. A
charter was outlined and not only the men are charter members but
the whole family All children under 21 are family. All children
under 21 are junior charter members. There has been quite a bit of
interest shown by others. In March another meeting will be held and
new members taken in.

  • Published on May 1, 1964
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