| November/December 1961

3302 Sharon Ave., Cincinnati 41, Ohio

Dear Elmer:

Enclosed a little item about 'hot air' engines. I note that you have carried pictures of the larger ones from time to time. I felt that some of your readers might want to make one for themselves.

I have got many hours of solid pleasure out of the ones that I have made. Gave them to my children, grand-children and to some close friends. If there is a charge for running this item, send me the bill. I will pay it. Also might want to condense it and run it as an ad. Have a machinist who makes parts for me that will make them for the trade.

Respectfully, Walter N. Huff

Here is a cute little 'Hot Air' engine that the average handyman can throw together at a very nominal cost, and in a very few hours. A soldering iron or torch, a pair of tin snips, electric drill and ordinary shop tools are all that is needed to do the job. A couple of tin cans and some other little odds and ends that can be had at any modern hardware store, will cost less than $6.00, paying top retail prices.