| March/April 1981

  • Frick Eclipse

  • Frick Eclipse

This engraving of a Frick Eclipse appeared in an ad in the American Agriculturist in 1878. telling of the medal and two diplomas awarded the engine at the Centennial in Philadelphia in 1876.

Noting that this was a portable farm engine, made by Frick & Co. at Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, the head judge made this statement;

'This engine gives the best results of any that were tested, and may be regarded as a well-made, strong, and useful machine. The traveling wheels are large and powerful. The boiler is suspended on springs for traveling, which are let down when at work. The boiler is capacious. There is a powerful brake on is carried on the top of the boiler, resting on a powerful bed plate. which is hollowed out to form a receptacle for oil leakage. This can be detached from the brackets, and the engine converted into a fixed horizontal engine if required. The engine saddle has provision for varying expansion. The water heater is large, of the ordinary diaphragm form and the pump with air chamber is well constructed. The cylinder has balanced slide valve. The safety valve works by a spring, which is a good arrangement, particularly when the roads are rough. Driving wheel on each side of crank shaft.'