| March/April 1957

Alvordton, Ohio

I AM ENCLOSING A PICTURE of one of my 24-75 Port Huron Long fellows making a one hour economy run, October 13, 1956, on the Baker Prony brake using a 10 inch drive belt.

This is the former Avery House-knecht engine that was owned 5 miles east of Jonesville, Michigan, and I bought it from him 10 years ago. The House knechts father and sons, were great Port Huron boosters and owned many Port Huron compound engines during their threshing career. There was a steep hill on the highway near them known at 'Port Huron Hill.'

This economy run far excelled the former test made by it at the Mont-pelier Reunion in June, 1955, or any engine we have ever tested. This can be verified by turning to page 10 of May-June 1956 issue of IRON-MEN ALBUM.

At the time of the above mentioned test, the air temperature was 76 degrees, fuel and water was carefully weighed, and good Cadiz, Ohio, coal used. The tubes and firebox were steam cleaned just before the test started and firebox is equipped with a brick arch. The boiler was fed by a cross head pump, and water heated by exhaust steam. The exhaust nozzle has been enlarged and is a short 2 in. pipe nipple, or exactly the same size as the main steam pipe. That gives very little back pressure.

During the test the reverse lever was hooked close to the center notch, and steam pressure was maintained from 165 to 175 lbs. to pull this 57.78hp. load at 225 R.P.M. of engine. The maximum hp. of this engine is 93 at normal speed and pressure.