Ed Peacock's Threshing Bee

| March/April 1961

7511 The Paseo, Kansas City 31, Missouri

Once again, on September 16, 17 and 18, 1960, Ed M. Peacock played host on his farm north of Fulton, Missouri, to the engine enthusiasts. This was his seventh annual threshing bee. The weather was very dry this year, which made for lots of dust.

There were several new attractions, such as two Keck Gonnerman engines, Nos.1717 and 1636. There was also a 20 hp Minneapolis No. 8427.

Another attraction this year, along with the prony brake, was the Baker Fan. The men got a great deal of fun out of running the Baker Fan and testing for the number of revolutions per minute they could turn it.

Besides the big engines were the many models of different makes, which offer not only a challenge to those who like to build models, but also afford pleasure to those who watch them perform as the big ones do.

Enclosed is a picture of a working model of a 1916 Reeves high-wheel engine, built by Raymond E. Dysart, Kansas City, Missouri. It is about two and one-half feet long.