Ed. Vogel Speaks

| January/February 1957

Aultman Taylor outfit

Mr. Ed Vogel and his outfit smoking at both ends. See Mr. Vogel's letter.

R. D. 4, Buhl, Idaho

I AM, COMPARATIVELY, A new thresherman, I guess. I started running an outfit when I was 17 and still run stationeries. In August 1956, I will be 48 years old. Dad started threshing in Colorado and shipped two stationeries and one Nichols & Shepard engine to Idaho in 1905. He had the only steam outfit for three years, then other outfits began to operate as this country expanded.

Last spring (1954) the Twin Falls, farming country was fifty years old and a large parade was put on. Two hundred sixty head of horses anu mules were used on various wagons, buggies and floats. My outfit was the one threshing rig in the parade. I had my 16 hp. Aultman Taylor engine, water wagon and a Rumely 32' separator coupled on. Many folks had never seen an outfit before and I was told that the rig was the main attraction. This compensated for all the trouble of getting the rig out and moved.

In this neighborhood the farmers still stationary their grain even though the combines tear around two and three in a fifteen acre field. We threshed nine days in grain last year and on our home place we ran eight bundle wagons pulled with mules and horses.

I do not see the necessity of having a Tractor Page in the ALBUM. Tractors helped run the old steamer out why rub it in. Also if there are so many tractor men let them have their own reunions and albums.

So many come around when we are threshing, I believe we will have to advertise this year as I have two Aultman Taylors, one Advance and one Russell engine that are in first class working order.