Farm Collector

Edaville Railroad Museum

South Carver, Massachusetts

No. 4 backs down thru the yard to couple to no. 8 to make a
‘double header’ run for the benefit of photographers who
came to Edaville on a special train from New York City via the New
Haven Railroad. Double head runs on the Edaville are very rare.
Steam roller in background was in action that day. Large standard
gauge locomotive at left, is former Boston & Maine RR. No.
1455, part of the Nelson Blount collection of exhibition
locomotives. Diesel Streamliner in background is former Boston
& Maine ‘Flying Yankee’ built in 1935.

Ever see a compressed air locomotive? One made by Baldwin in
1877 is in the Museum, on loan. It’s a 42′ gauge 0-4-0,
used by Plymouth Cordage Co., Plymouth, Mass., from 1877 till 1959.
This is the second compressed air locomotive made by Baldwin,
according to their records, the first was an experimental loco,
made to pull street cars in Louisville, Kentucky, three years
earlier. No record of how successful that one was, but this one
certainly stacked up 100%. still in perfect running condition. In
fact, we ran it back and forth on the Museum floor till the air was
all used up the day we unloaded her last spring. Great fun!

F. Nelson Blount, owner of Edaville Railroad and a life long
steam fan, at the throttle of the steam roller. In addition to the
5 steam locomotives in use on the narrow gauge Edaville Railroad,
(two foot gauge), he owns for preservation and display only, the
following steam locomotives. 14 standard gauge varying in weight
from 40 tons to 302 tons. 8 narrow gauge steamers, different gauges
from Edaville. About 25 cars for display, two steam traction
engines, three steam rollers, one portable (European) engine, one
1890 steam shovel, one Cagney Amusement Park 17 inch gauge steam
locomotive, various steam stationary and locomotive engine models
in the Edaville Museum. 1905 White Steamer auto., Oil field steam
pumping engine from Pennsylvania oil field, etc. Five steam fire
engines, one of these motor driven, one hand drawn, three horse

I believe that’s about the news from Edaville at the moment.
If any of the readers of ‘Iron-Men Album’ visit Edaville
this year, I hope they will look me up. I like to talk steam
traction engines (and locomotives). Many 100% steam fans who visit
here get to ride in the cab of the locos., when we know they are
steam fans. And a cab ride in a sure enough steam locomotive (even
a small one) is plenty hard to come by now-days in the U.S. So,
steam fans, come to Edaville and get acquainted with some 100% sure
enough steam locomotives which are still going strong.

  • Published on Jul 1, 1960
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