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Tour Promotors R. 4, Elwood, Indiana 46036

After two years of planning, thirty-four members of the Club
have everything in order for a fifteen day trip to Scotland and
England. The tour is headed by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilburn, Past
President of the Elwood Historical Club and one of the six men who
started the Club in 1958. The tour promoter, J. Scott Campbell, of
Elwood, Indiana, is also a charter member of the Club.

Our proposed tour will ‘get off the ground’ at
Indianapolis Airport on June 20, 1967. After changing planes at New
York, we will arrive at Pristwick Airport where we will be met by
our special coach for a two-week tour of Scotland and England. One
of the highlights of the tour in Scotland will be to attend the
‘Scottish Royal Highland Fair’ at Ingleston. The tour ends
with four days in London, June 29 thru July 2. We have plans in the
making to attend a steam show near London on one of these days.

Mr. William Reid at 15 Eccles Street, Glasgow N2, Scotland, is
in charge of the arrangements for the tour. He is working thru the
Dixon Travel Agency Ltd. of Glasgow, Scotland.

Mr. and Mrs. William Reid are frequent visitors to America and
were guests of the Elwood Historical Club’s four day show in
July 1966.

As far as I know, this is the first time that members of a
midwest steam show have traveled in a group to attend one of the
wonderful live steam shows held in England. I am sure our plans
will work out well and hope that in the future our lub can be hosts
to a group from Britain. Our tour will be made up of members from
Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. We hope to return in time to help with
the preparations of the Elwood Historical Club’s big show for
1967 to be held July 20 thru July 23 at our beautiful grounds 5
miles north of Elwood, Indiana, on St. Road 13.

  • Published on May 1, 1967
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