| March/April 1973

R. D. 2, Red Lion, Pennsylvania 17356.

My first encounter with steam began in 1903 at age fourteen. I helped fire a vertical boilered steam traction engine threshing wheat on my father's farm. I don't recall the name of the engine.

A little later I had the pleasure of riding in the cab of a small saddle back locomotive hauling stone out of Small's quarry near York, Pa. Chester Kauffman was the engineer.

In 1910 we threshed using gasoline power, a 6 H. P. battery ignition Flinchbaugh engine running a threshing machine built by Samuel Leiphart of Hellam, Pa.

About a year after this I started working at A. B. Farquar Co. York, Pa., in the boiler room where I stayed for two years. During these two years the management put together an experimental gasoline tractor. Due to the time and work spent in developing, changing, trying and testing this tractor, it was taken apart and put together so many times, the threads were worn out on the bolts and studs. (That's the way I heard it anyway.)

Once they tried to pick up a very large piece of machinery and overloaded the crane. It stopped the big Farquar steam engine and generator.