| January/February 1977

Jack Norbeck traveled more than 50,000 miles getting information for his Encyclopedia of American Steam Traction Engines.

For eight years he devoted his free time to this project, visiting 45 shows ranging from Ontario in the north to Florida in the south to Iowa in the west.

The result was worth the effort.

The book is a pictorial history of North America steam traction engines, the 320 pages containing more than 1,200 photographs. Every known American and Canadian engine builder is detailed and illustrated.

Of real value to steam engine enthusiasts is a 14-page directory of shows held throughout the United States and Canada, effective 1975. Also included are addresses to which to write for information about shows in Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand.

Norbeck lists steam engine manufacturers from A to Z, with a short history of each firm and pictures of engines they have built. There are thumbnail sketches of the founders of some firms. If you ever wondered how a particular business began and managed to survive, or not, this book is a good source of information.