Engine Found

| May/June 1976

  • Case model engine
    Paul Shahan, of Beulah, Colorado in October 1974 with Aaron Terning, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Terning and a beautiful Case model engine. Courtesy of Paul R. Shahan, Box 36, Beulah, Colorado 81023.
    Paul R. Shahan

  • Case model engine

Box 36, Beulah, Colorado 81023

My six year search for a model steam engine ended in Wichita, Kansas, the airplane capital of the world.

I am retired from the C.F. & I. Steel Mills in Pueblo, Colorado and live in Beulah, Colorado.

Last year after a most enjoyable time at the Midwest Old Settler's & Thresher's Reunion at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa (this was my sixth year there), I drove south the length of Missouri to see the Ozarks, and then I drove north from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I stopped at Terning Automotive, Wichita (Kechi) Kansas, having seen his ad in the Iron Man Album Magazine.

It was September 12, 1974 when I stopped there. Tom showed me a 1/4 scale size of a 65 H.P. Case steam engine that he had for sale. It lacked almost two weeks of work of being finished. It was a good and well built engine, and I wound up buying it.

I had to come home to get in garden stuff, and take care of other matters. Then went back October 1 and stayed at Tom's place two weeks, and I helped him what I could to get the engine finished.